LED lighting chandeliers

The Bloom project was created from a passion for light, which has always been the leitmotif in the 40 years of activity of Lam srl. The awareness of living an epochal moment of change on the front of the new light sources, in particular the LED (Light Emitting Diode), has pushed us to begin this new adventure with curiosity and professionalism. Bloom is a young brand in the panorama of architectural light, but is supported by a highly experienced technical staff that has its own "mission" in the integration between light-environment-people. Involving light in the architecture of spaces, led us to create, find and test a whole series of highly technological products, to develop professional LED luminaires, able to guarantee low luminous flux losses with ultra-pure, efficient aluminum optics dissipation of the heat generated, through active and passive cooling systems, designed to guarantee operating durations, close to 50,000 hours. Bloom wants to act as a serious and reliable interlocutor, who can immediately work alongside the professional, interested in finding technical support before and during the project, management of the lighting calculation using the Relux program, customer support through a reliable pre and post sales service, wide range of selected products for both interior and exterior, high quality of the hardware as well as all the electronic components. Last but not least, favorable prices in line with the market. We want to grow together with those who want to believe and trust Bloom.