Trending chandeliers

GD Service is the brand with which LAM srl operates in the trend segment of the production of economic Chandeliers, simple in their forms, but always treated like all the other collections. Competence, professionalism combined with easy, but trendy, products distinguish this brand, aimed at a young audience or looking for simple objects with a modern and minimalist design, with attention to detail, things that only a made in Italy lamp can give. furnished with GD Sevice products, it will surely stand out for the topicality of the shapes, the freshness and the color combinations of its lamps and chandeliers, which deviate considerably from other non-national productions, due to the quality of the finishes, the extra-clear glass, the wiring professional and not improvised. GD Service also has consolidated experience to carry out exhibition stands at the various large-scale retail stores and on request in specialized showrooms.