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LAM Srl was born in Piombino Dese in 1979, over the years it became a consolidated and well-known reality in the national and international lighting scenario, a valid point of reference for distributors, retail customers and specialized shops all over the world.

Made in Italy, the real and original one

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LAM Srl lamps collections

LAM Srl has a vast collection of chandeliers, ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lamps with LED lighting or with other cabling for last-generation light bulbs. Over 8000 types of lamps and chandeliers, with refined and precious finishes and with a unique and refined design.

Via Dese
Classic collection

collezione classica

Chandeliers, ceiling and table lamps, wall lamps, billiards and floor lamps with a classic or vintage design, sometimes rustic, elegant and refined, suitable for warm, welcoming and welcoming environments. All the Veneto style in the Via Dese collection, which recalls its territory, its landscapes, its mountains, its colors, its Venice.

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People & Light
Modern collection

collezione moderna

The modern chandeliers by LAM of the People & Light collection, boast LED solutions for maximum energy efficiency, with a modern, rigorous and minimalist design, excellent for refined and exclusive architectural solutions for open-spaces, offices and homes with a modern style.

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LED collection

collezione LED

Recessed lamps, spotlights, Modulex, modular chandeliers, technical solutions with LED light, Bloom is LAM lighting designed for the future. Bloom's technical solutions are at the forefront of the lighting industry.

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Trend collection

grande distribuizione

Chandeliers designed for that segment of young audiences or looking for simple objects with a modern and attractive design, with materials that are in any case sought after and competitively priced. GD Service for those who know how to give the right value to the Made in Italy also in a low-end segment where the importation from low-cost and quality countries makes it the master

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LAM Srl exports and sells high-quality chandeliers to over 800 specialty stores, showrooms and shopping centers throughout Europe

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